Are there any Aussie's using this site

If so what are your favourite products that we can buy here. My hair is 3b, and I am always looking for suggestions.
I'm here!

But my hair is 2C so I don't know if any products I recommend would suit you.

My hair is VERY dry, so I'm always looking for moisture in my products. I also do the CG method, which is working extremely well for me.

Anyway, the products I like are:
Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey treatment conditioner
KMS Flat Out
Sunsilk Curl Booster and No Frizz
L'Oreal Techni Art Liss Control
Pantene Ready Set Curl

It's nice to see another Aussie on the board.
Me too
I think I'm 2c/3a and also on CG (about 6 months). Mine luckily isn't dry and with that and no poo I use lighter stuff. Alberto (as far as I can tell everyone else here calls it VO5) and Pears work for me - both available in Big W & very cheap. What they call VO5 here is a different range to what you'll see recommended.
Thanks for the info, I ahve started using the Gel by Biolage and really like it. I use the John Frieda kelp help as my deep conditioner. They talk about the Aussie products on this site, but can't see them here???
Any other recommendations and pointers as to names of products here(which are different from the American products) are greatly appreciated.
Thanks all!!!
Curly Wirly, the Aussie products they talk about on this board are actually made by an American company and as far as I know they are not distributed in Australia. Silly, huh?
Hey all from Adelaide here my hair is errr curly :P

Umm it has its good days and bad days its really hard to describe it , but i constantly get asked were do i get my hair done. I find once my hair has been dyed (usaly red) it feels and looks so beter . i really dont have any products to reccomend..

I use msn lots and lots so if u would like to pm me ill slip u my msn address.
Easy boy that bassline aint even dropped yet!
off the top of my head some that i've found to work pretty well on curls:

gel: Fudge Skrewd, PPS Hair Goop, Frizz Ease Corrective Styling Gel

mousse: can't go past Joice ICE Whip (use a small amount or you'll get crunchy, stiff ringlets)

leave in conditioner: RPR My Vitaliser

John Frieda Miraculous Recovery is
Boticelli-3Aish. Poo-less since Nov. 04.

Love: Curl Keeper, FOTE Aloe Vera Gel, JessieCurl Too Shea, Jessicurl Aloeba, plopping, diffusing

Experiementing with: DevaCurl One, DevaCurl LowPoo, AG Fast Food
Well I am hearing now in the general discussion board that you can use SORBOLENE as a conditioner for curly hair! Yes, that's right, sorbolene! I want to hear what other people have tp say about it first before I try it myself though!
Well I am hearing now in the general discussion board that you can use SORBOLENE as a conditioner for curly hair! Yes, that's right, sorbolene! I want to hear what other people have tp say about it first before I try it myself though!
Originally Posted by clueless
Works great in my experiences.
Oh, so nice to see Aussies here. Ive just taken my hair (3b or c) out of braids and dreads after 10 years. Im hating it, its too short and fuzzy. I dont know how long Ill last but its nice to see you guys on here and read all the advice and comments.
Ive had my hair out of braids or dreads for about 8 mths now... Im still going through a daily dilemma of whether I can be bothered with it or not - it just feels like so much work!!
Hmm... still trying to find peace with it.
Crazy hair!!!!!
Hi All

I have 3c hair and its quite thick. Ive been using CurlsRock by Catwalk Tigi for a few years now and it really holds my hair in place and controls frizzies. I usually apply one pump of it to my hair whilst its wet. If I have time let it dry naturally or blow dry. Havent found any other product really that does leave a build up or makes my hair even dryer. Give it a go you can buy at most hairdressers. I buy it at Stefan for about 27.50 not that cheap but lasts me for ages. Months in fact. Let us know what you think. Hope this helps some of you curlheads.

bye Flossy
I've spent a fortune over the years trying different products for my very thick 3b curls and the product that I cant live without is Paul Mitchell sculping mousse. This mousse gives great moisture and curl formation like no other product i have tried. I've also been reading the forums and have recently tried the apple cider vinegar rinses that everyone is recommending and I must say my hair feels really soft afterwards.

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