Affordable Make-up for dark-skin tones in Sydney

I know this doesn't have anything to do with hair but i thought i would share this find.

As a dark skin girl I have issues finding affordable foundation for my skin tone. I stumbled upon a place in Sydney near Broadway called Scotty's Make-up.

They have a good variety of shades. Most of the foundation in dark tones are by Ben Nye, they are other brands but Ben Nye is the predominate brand.

Hope this was helpful for someone.

233 Broadway, Sydney NSW 2037
Thanks for the tip. Hopefully I'll find a treasure there soon. The foundations I have purchased locally haven't been a perfect match. The best I've were a shade or two 2 darker and reddish looking. I need something more warmer/golden.
Thanks for the info, my daughter has been searching for more colour appropriate foundations too. She enjoyed visiting the US and having abundant colours but its slowly running out.
Might be time to replenish.

Thanks again

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