Hair gel, conditioner recommendation and where to buy?

Does anybody recommend any styling products, hair conditioner in Australia (where I wouldn't need to purchase interstate) and where I could buy them?

I'm so lost! It seems like we don't have any! The closet conditioner I could find is Tresemme Naturals from Priceline but this has alcohol. I know it's only silicones and sulfates that you have to watch out for in conditioners, and alcohols in gels but I want to use the conditioner as leave in too and thus this alcohol will suck up the moisture just like alcohol in gels.

All the products that doesn't have alcohol, silicone are incredibly expensive ones like American Crew, Redken...

I've tried searching for products listed on previous threads but the stores don't seem to have them in stock anymore.

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Tresemme Naturals is fine to use (well the moisturising one is), I used it for a long time and only stopped because of animal testing.
The one I use most atm is one of Price Attack's own brand, they have a few but the moisturising one is the one I use. I also have some Live Clean (purple jewel) that you can find in DJ's. There tends to be a few cg friendly condtioners in health food stores - Alchemy's nice.
I don't use gel, I use mousse and I buy it online so not much help there.
I spend a fair bit of time standing in shops reading labels, it may be something you'll have to get used to too!
Oh, and not all alcohols are bad, but I'm not an ingredient guru so don't know which you should avoid tbh. There are threads about such things if you have the time to do a search (be warned, it can be something of a time-suck!).
3b in South Australia.

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