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Welcome! Yeah, the products thing can be annoying, especially when there are threads like "Blahblah is the best conditioner EVER" and 40 people reply agreeing with how awesome it is...and we can't get it. Especially that brand called Aussie...which is not actually Australian.
Fine and thin 2C in Australia
hey everyone,
I'm new to this whole cg thing, I really wanna try/ start it but just don't know where to start. It's so frustrating reading all the reviews of the "BEST" products and then finding out that you can't even get them in Australia!(grrr!)

Maybe, if you girls/guys are up for it we could make a list of products that we can get local that are cg or just generally good? Or even good curly hairdressers; I did read on one of the vogue forums some good curly hairdresser reviews but they were all a few years old.

Oh and I'm from Victoria too (near Melbourne)

take care
Welcome! the thing I had to do was just read the ingredients of everything in the hair care aisle, which can make your neck sore and patience thin. I agree with the idea of making a list of products, would be very useful. One thing that we can get here is FOTE aloe vera gel (that I know of). If you're interested.
Good luck
2b, medium, lots of them
CG: 21 Apr 08, Mod CG: 24 Aug 08
My blog: Can't Stop Thinking About Hair

I haven't been able to find FOTE. In which sort of shop did you find it???

I use Mop C curling cream (some hair dressers sell it), Biolage Conditioning Balm (readily available), Mastey Triate low poo (hair dressing supplies) & Grahams Natural Conditioner as a co-wash (health food shops). The Grahams is nice btw!! Website from Grahams is www.itchy.net.au. Also use coconut oil that I get from health food shops.
I found it in priceline in the skincare section, it's clear with a blue lid and says Fruit of the Earth (FOTE).
2b, medium, lots of them
CG: 21 Apr 08, Mod CG: 24 Aug 08
My blog: Can't Stop Thinking About Hair
Im new to cg too, Ive started with the pantene clarifyer and decided to make my own conditioner using melrose conditioner base http://www.goldenglow.com.au/product.asp?pID=498&cID=41
cost me $9.90 for 1 ltr (from a health food store) and adding my own oils like jojoba and a few drops of lavender oil to about 200mls of conditioner base, I found its ok so far my hair seems to be curling more the last few days ... but Im just experimenting at the moment.
Hey that conditioner base looks really interesting! I might scout around for it...
2b, medium, lots of them
CG: 21 Apr 08, Mod CG: 24 Aug 08
My blog: Can't Stop Thinking About Hair
I'm about to try out mastey traite shampoo and biolage conditioning balm I hope I get good results. I'm undecided on what styling products to buy.
I use Mop C curling cream. I got it from Eastlands, Quattro hairdressers. Very expensive though. $21.00

Also use Garnier Endurance 24h gel. Seems to be CG.

Have been using aloe vera gel but am not sold on it.

I am having problems finding a leave-in spray that is cone free. Any ideas? I've tried a couple of 'natural' ones but have had allergy problems with them.
yeah I'm not sold on the avg either, although I have a different brand than the FOTE one (I have supply in the cupboard for summer, best for sunburn and my skin after sun exposure). It tends to give me frizzies, I can't use it alone, not enough hold.
I'm in NSW too and I'm so thrilled to have so many recommendations. I was overwhelmed at first, thinking that I was going to be limited to a few products but the more I read, the more it looks like there's a reasonable range.

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