annoying hair help!!

i have 2b/2c hair, black, course, frizzy and heck thick..

it annoys me, im using olive oil as a serum for it to settle down the thickness, but makes my hair heaps oily and loses some of its volume on top of my hair (the top part of my hair is straighter compared to my bottom) and apart from that when i go in the sun it gets REAL HOT!!!

i wana dye it a lighter color, and also get layers through it to kill the thickness, dont know if i should and would i really affect my hair from the damage im doing to it??

help pleaase!!
hi lilmiss and welcome
i have a few questions....(sorry)
are you cg? how much olive oil are you using? how long is your hair? what else have you been using/doing to on your hair (products, styling etc)?

in terms of cut and colour...
- Long layers are said to best for wavies so that might help with some of the bulk. The use of thinning scissors and razor blades tends to cause frizz.
- From my basic knowledge and personal experiences with hair colour the lighter you go the more damaging it is, especially going from darker hair - as it takes longer to process. As long as you look after it (lots and lots of moisture and probably some protein) it should be fine. It's always fun to play with colour.

2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
i am trying to go cg, been co washing with pears, deeping condition with alchemy and use olive oil for serum, been doing that for like 2 weeks now, i know its not for long but i wash my hair every 2nd day

my hairs just past my chest now, but i have just recently had a bub soo maybe my hairs been a bit wack from the hormones settling back to normal.. lol

and i dont wana go platinum blonde or anything lol just a light brown maybe..
I found Jojoba oil to be the least oily of the oils as a leave in. Still can't use a heap of it though.

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