Joyce Dewitt's Hair on Three's Company

I was just wondering if anyone on here happened to know... Joyce Dewitt from Three's Company (I know, I know, that was like 35 years ago, right? ), what is her natural hair texture? The first season she had it straight, the second and third it was curly and I LOVED her cut by the way, and the fourth it got a lot thinner and straighter again.

I'm guessing it's straight, since seeing other non Three's Company pics of her, I see no curls, but I wasn't sure.

And if it ISN'T natural, I want to know how she did it! It was quite lush. =) I just have a soft spot for those kinds of haircuts, especially with the curly bangs. I see something similar in some 4A cuts too, not like a fro, but... it has a roundishness to it, I guess. Don't know how else to describe it.

For those of you who never watched the show, I couldn't find any high-quality pics of her curly hair, but here is the best I could get:

Joyce Dewitt's Hair on Three's Company-janet01.jpg Joyce Dewitt's Hair on Three's Company-janet02.jpg Joyce Dewitt's Hair on Three's Company-janet03.jpg Joyce Dewitt's Hair on Three's Company-janet04.jpg Joyce Dewitt's Hair on Three's Company-janet05.jpg
I don't know for sure, and the show is much older than me, but from watching TV Guide reruns I always thought it was naturally straight and they curled it.
I like it though!
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I'm guessing it was naturally straight and the curly is a perm...because when it was straight, it was reaaaaaally straight.
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My husband did some computer work for her years ago....he said it was stick straight......
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