Does Taylor swift have 2c or 3a hair in these picture?

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I meant this picture.
Well obviously it was done with a curling iron but it looks 2c to me. Looks pretty.
That stylist put her hair in 2c curls, but there's no way to tell her natural texture from this picture
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I think this is more 3A.
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This is definitely a wavy style. I would even dare to say it's a 2b/c mix (unnatural of course) 3a is much tighter and bouncier. Those aren't ringlets.

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I think she has pretty 2c-ey waves. This is from looking at various pics.
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She actually does have natural wave even if its often manipulated.

Young Taylor.
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I think we're having a hard-ish time typing her curls here because they aren't natural.

A lot of you are saying 2c but 2Cs have ringlets (which she doesn't). 3As generally have much more ringlets and are more springy; her hair doesn't look 3A either. Then 2b is an option but natural 2b hair doesn't look like that (the waves are too outward in the pic).

She what I mean? Her curls are coiffed so not really anything. I think she does have naturally curly or wavy hair though.
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Yes she does. Look at her young pic.
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Yes she does. Look at her young pic.
Originally Posted by chupie
I searched about her. And I found that when she were really young (like 5 or 6) she had 3a curls. When she was 12 she had straight hair . And when she became a teen her hair curled again to 2b . And I ve watched one interview and she said that she use a curling iron to unfrizz her curls every morning. so this photo might be near to her real curl pattern
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2B for sure, maybe with some 2C. Definitely not in the 3s.

Thing is, since Taylor's hair is so obviously heat styled in a lot of pictures, it's hard to know what her true curl type is. We're basically just discussing what curl pattern her hair has been styled into.

This picture looks more natural to me. So it seems like she has a wave and maybe even some great curls, but they're probably hidden beneath years of heat damage.
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