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Originally Posted by curlyjonna View Post

Whoever she went to to, I hope she stays with! I love Halle's soft sleek hair, but I think she's gorgeous with her curls!
She looks super cool! I love the outfit too.
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Originally Posted by macXgrrl View Post
I don't care for that style on her, I don't think it's flattering.

I liked her hair best when it was really short.

I think she's most attractive with it short, too, and that's unusual for me to say about anyone. She just doesn't look like Halle to me with it longer.
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Originally Posted by susancnw View Post
It is gorgeous (of course, never seen her NOT gorgeous), but I don't think it shows off those fabulous cheekbones as well as shorter does.
I agree. Even though she is gorgeous and can pull off any hairstyle, I think she looks best with short hair, as in the photo above.

Although she's not a curly, I think longer hair was a big mistake for Reese Witherspoon. It just didn't work with her face shape.
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Usually, she can do no wrong, but I dont think this look is right for her.

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I love the look of the hair.

But, on her, it detracts from the stunning beauty of her face - for me. That's not really a bad thing, just different than what I am used to seeing on her.

I do wonder what her natural curl type is. I've only seen her mother with very straight hair.
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Thumbs up I like it!

While it may not be the most flattering or attractive look she's sported, she's always attractive, and wig or not I can appreciate the fact that she is looking all natural and wearing that hair proudly. Being a new mom, if it is her real hair, it's gotta be pretty easy to manage. Also her hair texture may have changed after pregnancy. Mine did

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Thumbs up

I love curly afros ,but I don't really like the look on her..i love her hair curly like this

Sometimes I think the craziness just curls out of my head..

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Originally Posted by macXgrrl View Post
I don't care for that style on her, I don't think it's flattering.

I liked her hair best when it was really short.

ITA! Alyssa Milano was sizzling with a short cut too. ..Nia Long, Anita Baker, and Mia Farrow(way back when) as well.

Some women just look best with short hair. So lucky!
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Man, my son gets curls and hair that big, lol, but me, naw...but I do think the very short hair suits her best. Still, good to see a high profile actress rocking a fro! And, yeah, she looks great no matter what.
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