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The hair didn't have to be on their head.... right?
Originally Posted by Vagabond Davotchka
OMG girl, that is so naughty - and down right hilarious.

3b/c mix; mixture of fine, med. and coarse texture with med-high porosity

Current HG routine: Tresemme Naturals conditioner; AG Fast Food LI; AG Recoil; CJ CIAB = no crunch, lots of body and awesome definition

Dutchess Daydreamer of the Desert Sands in the Order of the Curly Crusaders


The AWESOME Chris Cornell!!!!

I happen to like his hair short but this is about the Eye Candy so here's one for you girls that like long hair
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All hail the Brits:

Chiwetel Ejiofor (wiping the drool off of my keyboard...)

Hugh Dancy

Colin Firth
Hair loves: aloe vera juice, cocoa butter, camellia oil

"Never forget, justice is what love looks like in public." ~ Cornel West

Andy Murray and Marat Safin
Ryan Lochte.

I really wanted him to beat Phelps, but oh well.
cuz he's being discussed in the Non-Hair Chris Cornell's New Album SCREAM boards too HEEEEEEE what a babe

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More Cornell! I loved him with long hair.

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Again with the Jonas brothers cycle.
But, the middle jonas embraced his natrual curl recently.

I think he looks much much better with the curls.
Adrian Grenier has really good natural curls. they don't look crunchy, they look soft.


heath ledger in "a knight's tale" and "10 things i hate about you" (sad day.)
Originally Posted by olivia.leake
I just watched Drive me Crazy for the bazillionth time this weekend. Every time I watch it all I can think about is playing with his hair. I love 90's teen dramas!
All right, since we're posting about Seattle bands...gotta list my favorite!

Alice in Chains - with original members, circa 1991-2?

Alice in Chains - with Mike Inez, circa 1993-4?

Alice in Chains - with William DuVall, circa 2006-present
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Wavy/Curly Hair (2b, 2c & 3a)
Hair Texture: Fine
Hair Porosity: Low to Normal
Hair Density: Medium
^^ My absolute FAVORITE band.

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Yay! Another AIC lover! Gotta love the curls in that band...last time I saw them, was right in front of Inez the whole show...and not once did his hair frizz the whole night!
Wavy/Curly Hair (2b, 2c & 3a)
Hair Texture: Fine
Hair Porosity: Low to Normal
Hair Density: Medium

aj mclean...im not sure what his curl type is...probably in the 2 range
I like his curls
I kinda lost my CG ways after going to my second year of college out-of-state(I was super poor!) But I am returning home and definitely want to return to trying CG cause it was working!
I need to build up a routine, that makes it a lost easier for me to remember everything.
What I'm using:
Giovanni Smooth as Silk Shampoo/Conditioner
Hair Styling Foam
Direct Leave-in conditioner
What I want to try: Giovanni products
Burt's Bees products
New haircut
I want to use all animal friendly products!

I can't believe no-one has mentioned the most curlicious of them all... The dearly departed Michael Hutchence, Australia's gift to the world:

He was so gorgeous... Still is!

From "Never Tear Us Apart" -video

Still, pictures alone cannot adequately describe this man. If you've ever seen him perform with INXS or alone, you'll know what I mean...
2C, 2A when brushed, on a good day even 3A
SO glad you guys haven't posted my hubby...I'm going to marry this man!!



Oh, sweet heaven....
I couldn't find any pictures that do my favorite
true blood character any justice. So i decided to post a video ! =] he looks like he has some curls and waves going on. shame he had to be a killer.

FYI: i know hes from michigan like moi but i lovvvve that fake cajun accent.


That is the best i have ever seen him. Haha, I read an interview of his once and he talked about him having naturally straight hair. Lol, Idk but I got super annoyed I was yelling at the pages like "thats BS!"

I mean i guess it can happen but I didnt want to believe it. He's embracing his curls and now I'm waiting for Kevin to shave the side burns.

Again with the Jonas brothers cycle.
But, the middle jonas embraced his natrual curl recently.

I think he looks much much better with the curls.
Originally Posted by hiddenbeauty

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