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Default Tips for stripping/bleaching?

Hey, I'm new here and have searched google like mad for some tips on a hair process I'm going to be doing on myself in a few days. I've found little useful info & was hoping people here could provide me with some personal experience.

In a few days I was planning on making a trip to Sally's and buying a strip product, a decent bleach and some toner - then a box dye in a 'cool' ash shade. The color I want to achieve isn't anything too drastic, just a dirty/ash blonde which is very close to my natural color as I can see from my roots.

Right now my hair is in pretty decent condition, as I use little to no heat on the majority of my head unless I'm straightening my bangs, and the rest I let air dry. The color I have now is currently shown in my icon, which is a very faded black with red undertones until it reaches my roots which are a light brown/blonde. I achieved this color from dying my light brown hair that I had spent a year growing out, to blue with SPLAT dye which I then stripped poorly, then dyed a too dark brown. Stupid. It's been 4 or 5 months since then. I plan on not washing my hair much & doing olive oil/egg/deep conditioning treatments with something like Pantene over the next few days until I buy what I need - also I am working on a budget, but I've heard that Sally's is pretty inexpensive.

I do know that stripping a color like black out of your hair is hard, and everything I've read on bleaching curls so far is pretty scary to me. I can vouch for the horror stories as I've bleached my hair partially before (I had a mohawk) which left it in awful shape until I ended up shaving my entire head because well, it looked pretty stupid and felt like straw. It's been a year since then, and I also think it's worth noting that I didn't know what I was doing and didn't take precaution or provide aftercare during that time. I left the bleach in too long, didn't deep condition, added more bleach when I should've bought toner etc..

My hair is not very tightly coiled & is easily manageable, and I think most of the stories I read were from people who wanted to go for platinum blonde & had tighter locks than myself. I'm just curious I guess if anyone has done this before and if it really is something I should avoid completely, or if I'll come out okay given I know how to treat my hair right. I know damage is unavoidable, but I want the minimum - don't we all? I also don't plan on keep up with my hair color after it's done. Growing it out a lighter shade will be easier & I'm doing this as a birthday present to myself. I'll post a picture link below to give a better idea about the curl/color I have. Any advice or experience posts would be greatly appreciated.

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