Henna questions

I bought some henna, haven't tried it yet. I am wondering if all my leave-in products are safe to use with hennaed hair. (I've read that some things can turn it green or strip color altogether. )

I typically use CK, KCCC, occasionally DevaCurl hairspray and jojoba oil.

Does anyone have henna-dyed hair and use these products regularly? Thanks!
I hadn't used henna for my hair, but i want to use. I had a doubt that henna changed the color of hair or really straightened the hair. any one help.

loi duflot
Henna did change the color of my already dyed hair to a beautiful red color. Although it did little to nothing on my darkbrown/black roots. Henna also loosened the front of my hair which isn't as curly and springy as the rest.
As long as the henna you buy is 100% natural it shouldn't turn you hair any color but an auburn or redish color depending on what color your hair is already. I still use all the same products I did before using henna. KC is included in those products.

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