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Question Copper semi-perm (Goldwell Soft Color) on slightly bleached hair - please help!

Hello to all!

I would really need some advice from someone who knows how semi-perms work (and especially Goldwell Colorance Soft Color Foam) before I do something I might regret later!
After a long, strenuous year in Med School I desperately want a hair color change, but not a permanent one. For the past year I have been slightly bleaching my hair (a natural light brown with copper undertones) to an even lighter shade of brown, almost a dark, dirty blonde (and yet it still keeps to the brown side) with copper undertones (my colorist says it's a level 7). I have only bleached it 2 or 3 times in the last year (by spraying a mixture of chamomile, lemon and peroxide and then applying heat) and afterwards only did root touch ups every month or so. I want to try a semi-permanent dye and try to come close to Emma Stone's natural looking medium copper from the movie Easy A - so plan on using Goldwell Colorance Soft Color Foam 7KG and 8K.
I) Should I use a protein filler before dyeing? I've read about the benefits. I don't feel my hair is damaged. I do want an even hair color, a shinier, healthier hair, but I don't want the protein filler to make it impossible for the dye to come out during the next 6-12 shampoos (or to come out unevenly and incompletely). I am afraid that the semi-perm will hardly go out of my hair if I use the protein filler and that my beautiful brown-blonde color will never be the same again.
II) On the other hand, I am afraid that if I do not use the filler the color will be uneven or, paradoxically, it will stick too much to the hair due to its porosity.
III) And even if I don't use a hair filler I am afraid that the color will never come out of my hair and I will end up with a red mess. I only want a temporary, summery change. Do you think that a mixture of 3/4 7KG and 1/4 8K will come out too dark? What is your experience with Goldwell Soft Color? What should I do? Please help me!
Thank you!
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Welcome! Did you actually bleach your hair, ie. persulphate bleach, or did you just lift with peroxide? If the latter there will be some damage but probably minimal, you should be doing regular hydrolysed protein treatments and coconut oil treatments.

What you should do is strand tests as with any colour process, initially on shed plughole hair then on your head if the shed hair looks promising. Your ends might be more porous from normal weathering, from mechanical damage, from UV light or heat styling, so they may absorb more colour, in which case you treat the less porous section first then apply to the more porous section to get an even colour.
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