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Default I died my hair red!!

I took a chance with this, but I really want some conditioner ideas for colored hair that's still good for my curls.I died my hair red!!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1377057324.738750.jpgI died my hair red!!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1377057342.255453.jpg
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It looks amazing!!
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Hey, that looks fun
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Very pretty!

You might try Komaza Care Matani repair treatment spray and/ or Matani leave in conditioner - these contains ceramides, panthenol and hydrolysed protein all of which are beneficial for chemical treated hair.
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Looks great!!!!
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looks great! i also going to apply now...
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I color my hair red and it is one of the fastest to fade ... but I have been using L'Oreal EverPure for color treated hair and it has been better than others I have tried.
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If you want red that won't fade, henna is another option. But there is a learning curve, it takes a long time to prepare and apply, it's messy, smelly and can loosen your curl unless you stick to root touch-ups only.
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I had the fastest fade ever while using products with glycerin. Along with being a humectant, glycerin is also a solvent. Avoid it as much as possible, totally if you can, to avoid fade. Honey has also stripped red from me, but my natural color is a dishwater blonde/light brown, so that plays into the honey.

My dyed routine isn't much than my non-dyed routine. With red, I stay away from protein for the first week, and I don't wet it for 72 hours. Any sooner seems to have a larger initial fade

My hair hates protein that isn't keratin, panthenol, and a whole slew of things that are supposed to be reparative. My hair is pretty coarse, so I stick with that, even when dyed.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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Love your hair! I myself have gone Red Hot from Loreal Hicolor & I'm stuck on it. I hardly get my hair even wet cuz I hate seeing all that gorgeous red go down the drain. When I do, I use biolage conditioning balm for colored hair. Its been good so far. I dyed my hair 3wks ago & its still bright as ever. When it's almost gone, I plan on trying Aveda's conditioner for red hair as suggested by a fellow CGer.
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I like your hair color combination. It perfectly suits for your skin tone as well.
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I also want to recommend the Aveda conditioner for red hair Madder Root Color Conditioner > Conditioner > Hair Care > Aveda
I mix a tablespoon or so with my regular rinse out conditioner about once a week - it really helps keep the color vivid. I wouldn't use it alone - I think it would be drying.
If you use it, be sure to wipe up any spills - it stained my tub when I forgot to wipe up a drip. Not so good for the tub but that kind of staying power is what you want for your hair color!
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I personally use Davines Alchemic Conditioner in Red. It has proteins in it though so I suggest you stay away from it if you're sensitive to proteins. Other than that, it has red pigments in it which will help keep your colour from fading as fast.
CG for 3 years~!

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