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abstractcurls 10-13-2013 01:55 PM

First time henna user
I bought my henna from Henna Color Lab. I ordered the Auburn color. This shipping was super fast. So I was hesitant to do it so I held onto the package for about a week. I finally dyed it on Friday. At first I was a little freaked because it was too reddish/purple toned. I knew it would "die down" over the course of a few days to I threw it up in a bun and was patient. I washed it again after about 36 hours and it turned out pretty darn awesome. It wasn't exactly the color I was going for (I was aiming for reddish brown color, rust is the only word that comes to mind) but it turned out a dark red color.

Two things I didn't expect from this experience are hair that is really shiny and my hair feels thicker and fuller than it did before. In addition my scalp feels really good.

I was worried henna would damage my curl pattern but this brand had amla in this dyes formulation so I wonder if that didn't help. Next time I will order copper brown, straight up pure henna, and amla and create my own mixture.

Overall an pretty good first experience.

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