Henna over brown hair?

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Can anyone post pictures so I know what henna over med/dark brown will look like? Thanks!
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Try the Henna for Hair site. They might have a photo.

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It'll look darker with a bright copper red tone.
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: glycerin in high/low dews, polyquats, parabens
She has very dark brown hair. When it's not under direct light, you can still see that the hair isn't that uniform, drab dark brown anymore, it has lots of highlights and warmth to it; but the underlying shade is dark brown.

Ps: 1st picture is before, 2nd after henna.
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Henna over brown hair?-prehenna-shot_back.jpg   Henna over brown hair?-posthenna-shot_dry1.jpg  
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I can try to post one of mine later, but it's h.p. over henna. I have some darker roots that have had (slight) h.p. but didn't take the color so you can see the contrast. In general I'd say my hair didn't look lighter or darker after henna, just brighter. Then the h.p. allowed a warm copper to show through. The look also depends on the type of henna used (and original hair color).

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