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Guys - what is the story with the cost of shipping. It's ridiculous...
I definitely expected to pay, maybe up to $30 but $54.70 come on? you must have a better way to ship efficiently, there are plenty of US sites that cost nothing like this?
I really want to buy some product from you, but I just can't justify this cost, you must be able to subsidise shipping somewhat on orders over $100?

Thanks, and i really appreciate any help on this...
Type 2B or 3A I think, depending...
Low Porosity, Fine, Long (past back bra strap when straight)
Can be frizzy & quite dry and tangly!
I agree... I live in Japan (temporarily) and I just can't find CG method 'proof' products here. So I really wanna shop at Curlmart. But the international shipping costs are just insane... now I'm forced to use ebay >_< which doesn't have a lot and is not as safe...
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At hip length, going for mid-thigh!
3A/2C M iii med porosity, high elasticity

Clarify: Nivea IR
Lo-poo: Nature's Gate CR
CW: Elvive Volume Collagen
RO: TBS Rainforest Moisture, etc

LI: Elvive volume collagen, KCKT
Seal: Grapeseed oil
Gel: Studioline

PT: EO Keratin co
DT: RO+oils
Hairgrowth stim.: JBCO+EVCO 5-10$ discount code:
VHT541 Many natural hair products!
I have the same problem, I end up paying as much in postage as I do on products. I just limit myself to a couple of things that I really like and make do with local stuff otherwise. I don't understand how sites like iherb can ship about 1.5 kilo's of stuff to me for $6 and other places can't. Very frustrating.
3b in South Australia.
Same problem. I live in Italy and I have to pay 35 euros for shipping.
CurlMart uses a lot of coupon but why don't creat a coupon for International orders?!
It'd be great.
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___Visca el Barça!!!<3


{ 3a with 3b underneath; medium/coarse texture; normal porosity (?); Medium/Low elasticity (?) }

My shipping to Canada was $21.03, and then when the UPS guy showed up he was asking for $20 more.

I would love to shop at CM again but I paid nearly $100 on 2 combs, 2 shampoo bars and 2 conditioners...way more than I expected.
I totally agree.

I would make loyal customer (like iHerb) if delivery costs were not so expensive and insane.

But, I would love to buy some products that are on sale in CurlMart...
I highly agree that the shipping cost is ridiculous. I live in the United States Virgin Islands and curlmart wouldn't offer flat rate shipping or free shipping. The only why I continue to buy from them is because Kbb hair nectar is hard to find. Sagenaturalcutecals offers flat rate shipping why can't Curlmart. For there FYI, the USVI is not an international country. We are a part of the United States of America.
Hi Folks,

CurlMart Customer Service Here:
First off we realize that international shipping cost are very high. However, we do not profit from the cost of shipping as the rates are set by UPS and USPS. These rates are based on the volume of packages sent, and are set by the shipping companies. So high volume companies receive a more competitive shipping rate. Regarding shipping to places in the United States that are not part of the contiguous United States, shipping companies change 50-65% more to ship to these locations. This makes it impossible to offer free or $5 shipping when the cost of shipping to the location is substantially higher than shipping within the contiguous US.

I hope this answers some of your questions.
As always feel free to sent me a private message or email us @


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