garnier fructis ....dry reversal!

has anyone tried the new garnier fructis dry reversal treatment..triple nutrition with olive, avacodo and shea oil enriched with aprocot seeds. it has no cons it either. it's very thick and rich i like it so far and it smells nice. ........ let me no what you think.
conditioner only 3a/ 3b chin length curls .
cut it myself
color myself
lots of homemade deep treatments
love tresseme naturals conditioner!
Hi Jennycurl,
I just tried it the other day. So far I like it too.
Makes my hair soft, yeah
I've been using it for a week now and I like it! It's not as thick or heavy as my GVP CB but it's still a nice alternative. I use it as a rinse out and/or leave in. Lots of good moisture.
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i was reading a couple of other threads on this product yesterday, so i picked some up and tried it tonight. i didn't really love the way it felt on in the shower, it didn't coat and give good slip like gvp balm. but then my hair looked really nice after i got out and diffused. it smells nice, too. i will probably put it in the rotation every now and then.
I haven't tried the deep treatment (because of the mineral oil, but I may try it anyway) but I use the conditioner, and it's great. I was very pleasantly surprised since all other GF products make my hair dry as heck/impossible to comb when wet and drive my scalp crazy...
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