What do you do with your hair when you workout?

So I realize this is more hair related than workout related, but when you are working out, how do you "protect" your hair? I can't stand to have my hair on my neck/in my eyes, but pulling it back in my usually tight ponytail with about 10 bobby pins seems really harsh. Any suggestions with what to do with it?
I will either pull my hair up into a poof and wear a wide headbands or bandana OR I wear a locsoc as a wide headband.

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NYCGirl, could you elaborate please? I'm curious what this poof is or a locsock?
I wear a wide headband...my hair isn't long enough for a ponytail and the headband keeps everything out of my eyes and off my neck.
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I just wear a low half-ponytail--you know, not pulling the hair all the way through so it forms a puffy loop.
you know I just wear a beanie for several reasons:

1) keeps all the hair out my face
2) makes me sweat more = burn more calories
3) stops people from staring at me and my sexy fro (which makes me feel uncomfortable), so that I can concentrate on the workout!!

The only problem is that I notice my hair gets veryyy dry once i take off the beanie : / ... but then i just condition it in the shower and I'm good to go!!

Hope this helps,
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I workout at home so I just put a dc in, baggie, wrap scarf and get to it. I figure maybe baggying while working out might actually generate heat for my dc. Idk...

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Haha to be honest I just do a low, loose ponytail. Keeps my hair from frizzing or losing curl. I can't put mine in a bun, it's too heavy and hurts my head :/
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I just put my hair in a bun and I put olive oil in it because I usually sit in the sauna for a little bit after my workouts

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Tied back with a buff headband to keep my hair outta my eyes.

Buff headbands are ideal cuz they keep you cool in summer & warm in winter. They can be worn several ways - handband, wristband, neck gator etc. They're good quality so they last too
Wat is a buff headband?

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It's a seamless headband which wicks away moisture.

If you've ever watched Survivor - its the bands that the contestants wear

2) makes me sweat more = burn more calories
Originally Posted by GroYoFro
Sweating more doesn't necessarily mean you're burning more calories. I mean, you're usually gonna sweat more when you're working harder because your body temperature will be higher so your body produces more sweat to compensate for that, but your beanie isn't contributing to the calories being burned.

Anywho, until my hair was long enough to pull all of it back in a ponytail, I'd braid it and wear a headband to keep the shorter bits out of my face.
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Since my hair is usually braided I just put a scarf on before working out and take it off when I'm done. I also feel that this is more sanitary to do in a public gym.
If I'm working out at home then I don't bother with a scarf but will sometimes DC under a shower cap.
I just put it in a ponytail.
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Just a ponytail with a headband to keep flyaways off my face & neck.
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Ponytail if it's straight...pony puff if it's curly.
I pull my hair up into a high pineapple to keep it off of my neck and face.
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