My Exercise Record PART 2


LB "Muscle Eats Fat."

Measured my waist this morning and it is down an inch from a couple of months ago, but that only puts it where it should be. I had been gaining from eating too much and slacking on my Callanetics.
are the videos just toning/strength exercises or do they also include cardio? how many inches do you want to loose on your waist?
Hair: 4ab, thick, 100% coloured, short/medium
Regime: "cleanser", conditioner, carrot cream
They are not really cardio but I do find myself sweating (not a lot) when I am done. They are strength/stretching (only 3 of them done with weights), but they are the most effective exercises I have ever done. (Of course I always think that at first, but this time my body is seriously changing). I don't feel I need cardio with these, but that's me.

I don't have a goal number for my waist. I just want to be able to get into some old dresses that I haven't been able to wear for about 4 years, but I haven't tried either of them yet. I could get into one of them briefly while doing Callanetics. Callanetics are effective too, but their videos and the book are just repeating the same exercises. With LB I have 3 different DVDs and find myself motivated to work out 5 days a week instead of 3 like I was doing.

LB "Muscle Eats Fat "BLAST"".

LB "Muscle Eats Fat".

I ate too much last night!

Only had time for Muscle Eats Fat "Blast". Volunteer day today.

Was too lazy this week to do 5 workouts.
Your commitment to exercise amazes me!
3B/3C,thin hair strands w/S waves ends in corkscrews
34 years old, 5-5"
Your commitment to exercise amazes me!
Originally Posted by Earthmama
I feel the same way. Especially since her last journal.
Hair: 4ab, thick, 100% coloured, short/medium
Regime: "cleanser", conditioner, carrot cream
Thanks guys! I didn't start exercsing until I was 38. But I discovered as you get older if you don't exercise you get heavy. I was always skinny when I was younger, (and I don't mean slim), and now I have to work to stay slim.


LB "Hip Hugger Abs".

LB "High Round Assets".

Just ordered 2 more DVDs, by someone who used to be a LB teacher. I need a little more variety.

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