My Exercise Record PART 2

My other record that I had had since November of 2001 has vanished!

I guess since this is the first dayof a New Year if I have to start a new record this would be the day to do it.


Lotte Berk "Hip Hugger Abs".

NOTE: This is my second week of Lotte Berk. Last week I did:
3 "Muscle Eats Fat"
1 "High Round Assets"
1 "Hip Hugger Abs".

Ate too much the last couple of days.
Hi sdcurly,
Are the Lotte Berk exercises done mostly standing?


Lotte Berk "Muscle Eats Fat".

Macahachino - I would say about 50% are standing.
do you have a goal for 2004?
Hair: 4ab, thick, 100% coloured, short/medium
Regime: "cleanser", conditioner, carrot cream

35 minute walk & ate candy bar while I walked.

crazylove - my goal is to not eat so much junk food, especially sugar and to get to 128 lbs. I'm currently at 134.

Lotte Berk "Muscle Eats Fat".

Did the "Blast" workout on on the "Muscle Eats Fat" DVD. This workout is mainly legs, very intense and very short. My legs hurt already. I also did the upper body portion of the workout afterwards. Next time I will do it first. My legs were shaking during this.

Muscle Eats Fat.

I really like these workouts!!
I'll be interested to hear your results from the Lotte Berks. I have heard some good things about them, especially Higher Rounder Assets. Let me ask you though... I heard you are supposed to have a "BAR" to use that true? Or can you substitute some other piece of furniture?

I have Hip Hugger Abs only--I really like it but have only started using it consistently since last week. I'm interested in the rest of the Lottes tho...

LB "Muscle Eats Fat - Blast".

Lawoman - You can buy portable bars. I am getting one when I move into my new house. But for now I use a heavy chair for some and for others they show modifications using your wall, so I do that and it works well.

I really like these exercises. They seem to be a combination of Callanetics and a little Pilates, but more intense. I am seeing results already. I was getting bored doing only Callanetics and wasn't doing it often enough to be getting results anymore. But there is more variety in LB's CDs.
Ok great -- as long as you can modify the moves, then it's all good. Thanks. I'll probably end up buying them this weekend.
I've been too tired the last 2 days to exercise. I need to sleep. I'm getting back to it tomorrow FOR SURE!

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