I want my waist smaller! Any suggestions

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I started off at 165 now I'm 155 my measurements are 36-30-36 I want to lose 5 more inches in my waist!
Try hula hooping! (with a weighted hula hoop used for fitness, not one of the flimsy ones for kids) Using all of those abdominal and back muscles creates a corset effect which might help whittle your waist!
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You can't spot reduce so you are just going to have to slim down over all your do this by building more muscle i.e. doing more resistance exercises on your body.
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I'm targeting my waist as well... This trainer at a barre3 class was saying oblique exercises aren't bad for the waist at all, but because they build up the muscle it gives you less definition. Therefore, the muscle you're trying to target is the transverse abdominus, your inner ab muscle.

Pilates rolls are really good for that. Also, lots of cardio. I'm just starting my waist trimming journey so I'll let you know!

Pinterest is great for workout ideas!
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The most important thing to understand while geting a small waist is that a healthy bodyweight is priority and strength training for the entire body along with healthy diet are key.
10 Ways You CAN Exercise At Home: Part II - Fit Female Club
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I started off at 165 now I'm 155 my measurements are 36-30-36 I want to lose 5 more inches in my waist!
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1. Gut healthy food; there are a number of foods that are beneficial to the waistline and stomach-- This is why I eat Oatmeal and drink green tea year round... And drink tons of plain flat-water. If you google it, a bunch or food lists should come up.

2. Standing cardio!! (outdoor walking, roller blading/skating or cycling, etc).. Slims the waist and trunk and really tones up the glutes and calves as well.

3. Proper sleep. If you don't get enough sleep throughout the day you build up more of the fat-retaining hormones... but if you try to sleep more and are well rested, you burn more fat, longer and faster throughout the day.
Try working out using a waist trainer/ waist slimmer (its kind of like a corset), at first it may be uncomfortable but over time you get use to it and it melts off the inches as long as you continuously use it and carry on a healthy lifestyle Just type "waist trainer" into google and it should bring up some results of companies you can purchase one from !
Planks are good, I prefer straight arm planks because they work my "stuff" out but forearm planks are better if you just want to focus on your core.

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