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Default Staying in Shape!!!

Hi curlies.
Have any of you used any multi vitamins that help keep(and grow) hair, keep skin flawless And body in good shape.... i have a fast metabolism and I Try to keep my shape in order... Eating right, ...what do you suggest as a daily or weekly healthy vitamin, food & workout routine to Stay looking good.....:-)

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How long is a piece of string?

What do you do now as exercise? What do you enjoy doing as exercise? Can you incorporate exercise into your transport i.e. cycling, walking, or can you only do it in your free time?

Once you work out what exercise you like doing then you can alter your diet appropriately as for example those who get into long distance running (i.e. running more than an hour regularly) need more carbs then those who do weight lifting who need more protein.
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I like Essential Nectars liquid multi vitamin or Daytrillen liquid multi vitamin. The body absorbs more nutrients from liquid supplements than the ones in pill form. but i take it every other day to allow my body to fully utilize the nutrients.

Any standing cardio is good for the body (walking, jogging, treadmill) and contributes to all-over weightloss.

cycling is also good for working the entire lower body.

Yoga and pilates is great for toning and strength.
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No i don't think vitamins help entirely, its more of an added boost like adding sprinkles to ice cream.

What you eat will better help you stay in shape.
Eating healthy- non fast food or junk food has helped me esp drinking lots of water!

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I've taken the trader joe's hair,skin and nail multivitamin but I must say that I do not think it made much of a difference. As the other ladies have said, you would probably get much better results from healthy eating habits and exercise.

I run regularly and eat pretty well and that has made me look and feel my best.

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I think that the real reason that I continue taking my vitamins is so I can tell myself that I do not need to eat my veggies (a complete lie I know). I do not feel as though taking my vitamins makes a considerable difference in how I feel throughout the day. I try to eat healthy and exercise, so I already feel pretty good.
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I've been sick - bad cold. Have lost the rhythm of exercising. MUST get back to doing it. I feel like sludge if I don't do any exercising because my job is a sit at desk all day job, and otherwise I was home in bed. Need inspiration so will read everyone's posts here.
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I just take a generic women's multivitamin. It helps when your diet may be lacking. Plus it's always good to have calcium, iron and folic acid as a young woman.
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