Does this happen to anyone else??

When I try walking fast jogging or running my body gets very itchy to where I have to stop. I was readin online and I might need some creme frm the drs to put on b4 I wrk out. Has this ever happened to anyone else ??

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My legs get really itchy from outdoor exercise, every time. I also have no clue why and it's just never worried me but is annoying..
If I workout for the first time in ages I'll get itchy legs. But once I get into a routine and work out regularly, it won't happen. Really weird isn't it? Not sure what the cause is!
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If you haven't worked out in a while, it's because your capillaries (smallest blood vessels) are expanding to allow for increased/faster blood flow. The weather might also cause it if it's particularly cold or hot.
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This always happens to me when I'm doing excersise I have always wondered why !
It happens to me occasionally too, it's really annoying to be on the treadmill and have a leg itch.
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I hate it, it happens to me when I am riding the stationary bike too. It makes me want to get up and scratch my leg off. However, I have found that a few well-placed scratches and some good music tend to resolve the issue. I think that after a while I just tune it out. Also, moisturizer or not does not make a difference for me!
It happens to me too when u haven't worked out in ages.

Thanks for explanation xarial

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