New DietBet Challenge

I'm hosting a DietBet challenge with some friends and wanted to invite everyone here to participate. It starts 7/14 and ends 8/10. How it works is you place a "bet" that you will lose 4% of your starting weight in 28 days.

If you "win" then your bet gets returned plus you stand to win additional money.

It's a totally safe way to lose weight and we are getting very excited about this challenge. If you would like to join us you can register here:

Hope you join us - it is going to be fun. We will have 2 personal trainers participating to provide workout tips as well as eating clean tips. We are going to do this right.

I am a 3c/4a with medium/fine strands
No strict haircare regimen - trying my hand at the Curly Girl Method.

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Well i am impressed with your challenge. I am sure that many people will take it as challenge. I have also some good information about diet and weight lose. If someone wants to lose weight quickly then contact with me for joining my boot camp.

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