Working out & washing hair.

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I workout at least five times a week. My workouts consist of cardio, lifting and abs. I recently was with my family and my dad smelled my hair and told me it smelled bad. Typically I only wet/wash my hair once a week but now I'm thinking that I need to wash it more since of how active I am. Never crossed my mind that my hair may smell until my dad made the comment. But then again I have read that constantly wetting and go is not good for your hair. Plus I love my hair day four/five.

Please comment your suggestions.
I too go to the gym that frequently ! I would suggest just cowashing your hair mid week and actually washing it on the weekends. For example... I wash my hair on Saturday , then go to the gym Monday,Tuesday,and Wednesday. Wednesday night I cowash with Pantene's Clarifying Cowash & then when Saturday rolls around I wash my hair with Shea Moisture's Moisture Retention Shampoo. I hope this helped, if you wanna know about other products I use just ask or visit my Instagram account : @healthyhairtransition .
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I also train 5 days a week. Resistance every day with HIIT on Mon, weds and Friday. On the cardio days I absolutely have to wash my hair as I finish my session dripping with sweat. Blotting with a curl cloth and spraying on something scented just wouldn't work! So I cowash Mon and Fri and wash with just water on weds. Friday I also do a DC in the sauna with a plastic cap.
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