Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to connect with some more people who are into the fitness stuff I pole dance (and have done for some 6 years, but have never really pushed myself till now!) and run, which I started last year.
I'm working on running a consistent 3k (I dropped off during the winter break of school, and destroyed my run time!), and by the end of the year I'd like to be working on 10k. I have a lot of hills in my area, so things get somewhat more challenging! I would also love to have less-painful runs... but... I guess I kind of just have to deal with it for now.
Pole dancing, I'm still pretty beginner, but I work on it 3-5 times a week. Lots of strength training, and lots of work on basic things like climbing and spins for now. Once upon a time I'd gotten my basic invert... but that's gone away now! I'll get it back!
I've also been thinking about taking up hooping again, and I sometimes do staff spinning... I'm pretty bad at both, though!
What's everyone else working on? Any polers out there? Advice for running?