I need help finding a way to wear my curly hair for a job interview. It's a rather casual interview but I feel as if my normal 'do' won't exactly, well, do. I have 3b hair, about 4 or 5 inches long and usually just out conditioner in it and move it all in a backwards motion. The top usually isn't curly this way, and the sides look like a frizzless wad of hair. I need hellllllllpppppp. Much appreciated if I could get someone's routine or opinion on my hair. Preciate it!
Hey Jake - short of cutting your hair, I think it would be best to use some product that gives you a bit more hold or definition as to limit movement and frizz. Maybe a pomade or gel would help with that. But, don't be afraid to rock your curly hair for an interview man. Most people won't care as long as it looks like you take the time to care for and style it. HTH!
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Favorite products:
Shampoo: KC Come Clean
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Styling: Donna Marie Dream Curling Cream, EcoStyler Gel (pink)

When you style it after its wet, don't be afraid to use a LOT of conditioner for the leave-in. Let it completely dry and you will have clumpy curls on top and sides. But also, use water with the conditioner while styling. This helps set the conditioner and distributes it to each strand.

Put a towel around your neck and back until it starts to dry for about 30 minutes. It will run while it's wet.


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