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Default How do I maintain this?

My hair is about 1.5 inches shorter than this http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/_/...tiful+Life.png
but, it gets messed up everytime I sleep. I've been told about conditioners, combing, brushing, all that

But I think it's just messing up my hair?

So, it looks less like that hair, and more like dry/rough...

So, how do I make my hair look like that image, and MAINTAIN IT?
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*alert* I'm a woman invading the men's forum but my hair does the same thing.

I go to bed with fabulous curls and wake up with a matted looking mess. Starting to sleep on a satin pillowcase helped, or you can wrap your head in a scarf may help. I've tried both but prefer just the pillowcase as the scarf rarely makes it through the whole night.

The best solution for me so far was to refresh my curls with a spritz bottle in the morning. I use water (am starting to use aloe vera juice when my current bottle of spray is done), conditioner, and oil. Spritz on your hair, scrunch the curls or shake your head, and apply extra product only onto areas that need it. The other solution I had before this was to just wet my hair in the shower EVERY day, which got old and expensive very fast.

I also for awhile had to spritz a couple times a day to keep my hair moisturized; being dedicated to deep conditioning treatments also helped maintain my curls better while sleeping. Hope that helps!
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ty so much
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