Whats my hair type? How can I change it?

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Hi guys, I was wondering what my hair type is because I want to change it to 4b hair. Do you guys know how I can do that? I want to change my hair type because I am growing an Afro right now so when my hair gets big/long enough I can get a hightop.
The picture with my hair curly, it did that by itself
In the picture where my hair is up, I picked it out
Thanks for the help!
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Whats my hair type? How can I change it?-img_20140709_003506_kindlephoto-402365786.jpg   Whats my hair type? How can I change it?-img_20140711_145208_kindlephoto-402446115.jpg  
You can't change your hair type.

What you can do if you want less defined curls is pick you hair out with a comb - lots of guys use an afro comb and do it on dry hair.

However your hair is very likely to revert to it's natural texture, in full or part, if it gets wet or simply with the humidity in the air.

Boys in my family with various curl patterns have tried this. In the end the ones with looser curl textures and/or lower densities found their hair just reverted back to their natural curl pattern so after 2-4 months just gave up.
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I agree with the above but 'maybe' you can try using a strong gel for hold, then pick it out after it dries, the gel may help it stay put longer.
I don't don't think you can change your hair type.

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