Men's undercut for curly hair

I'm starting to grow my hair out from a buzz cut (1.5 months ago) and really don't like the sides. I work in a very conservative field (medicine) and I don't think my curls are going to work if they are poofy everywhere. I saw this youtube video of a guy with curly hair and I'd like to do my hair like his. Any suggestions?

I think my hair is 3b or 3c but I'm not sure. I will post some pictures after they allow me to.
Best suggestion I have is to find some pictures of styles that you like (use Google Images and search on curly men hair or something like that), better if you can find ones with hair patterns similar to yours. Take them to a stylist you like or trust, and see what they can do for you!

Good luck
Smorgasbord of finer, porous 2a-3a; straight underlayer

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Which youtube video was it?
Originally Posted by Sherryx
I'm not allowed to post links yet but it's this one. Just take out the spaces.
w w w .y o utube.c o m /watch?v=NekmaBPfCPw
Looks like a fade with the hair on top left alone. Take a screenshot of the back of his head, the side and the front and show it to the stylist so that they know how you want the fade to be done.

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