(Temporary?) Loss of definition?

So I was on this thread last summer when I was a curly hair noob. A year later, I can proudly say that I'm less of a noob (lol maybe).

Last summer, I gave up because I simply was too lost and confused to take care of my curls. This time around, however I'm being more tenacious and my hair was growing nice a healthily into nice look curls that pop right up!

But, yesterday as I was getting for work, I was washing my hair and thought hmmm... maybe I should "detangle" my hair and see what it looks like. I lathered my conditioner on my hair and began to comb. However, I used a rather thin-toothed comb by accident! So the clumps of my curls became very thin and very hard to define! I noticed that they're starting to recover from my stupidity when I cowashed today, but they still are not as nice looking and defined and before (by before I mean two days ago!).

Will my hair ever return to its original condition?

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I think your curls will will eventually revert back as long you haven't done any serious damages. If it doesn't maybe, light protein or deep moisturizing conditioner will help.

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