How do I cornrow my own hair?

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I need to learn how to do this by the end of the week. I've been interested in getting cornrows for a while now but I found out yesterday that they're kind of expensive so now I want to learn to do it by myself. I kind of figured out how to braid yesterday, but cornrows are much harder. I can't get the hang of picking up more hair and adding it to what's in my hand. How can I learn this quickly? I want to be able to do it before school starts (I'm a college freshman).
YouTube & keep practicing

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YouTube & keep practicing

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Originally Posted by spiderlashes5000
I was hoping for a more in depth answer than that...
may a doll head or if that weirds you out ask a friend to practice on him or her. You will be able to see what you are doing easier than on your own hair while you improve. not everyone who can cornrow can do their own very well.
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