Reason for CG method working great and after a while... not so much

Hi everyone. I have been trying the CG method for about a month now I think. While I am still lacking the right towel I think everything else is in place.

I have been washing my hair once a week with Body Shop (no cones, I checked) shampoo and conditioning in the shower and with leave in con once, maybe twice, a day.

It has made a huge difference to my hair and styling.

Now a month later my hair still feels much better but the syling is becoming a real trial again. I have been using a light cream mostly, sometimes starting with a gel in finger brushed back hair, accenting its natural wave and curl. Both products are American Crew and have been working well, but as I said in the last week not so much.It is just becoming clumpy and stubborn again.

Now I think this is due to my hair getting very thick again after cutting it... maybe two months ago.

Does this sound like a reasonable guess? I really dont want to lose the length I have now but it is getting very scruffy at the back and sides so im hoping getting it thinned out will help me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time everyone.

You don't mention what your hair is doing differently now than before. Is it poofy, frizzy, dry...?

What part of the county are you in? Dewpoint can make a difference in how the hair reacts to some products during the winter vs. summer months.

A little more information would help us to give suggestions.
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