Indie-like hairstyles?

So I really love wearing Indie-ish clothes if you know what I mean, and I want my hair to match, but I can't think of anything except for side braids which I do ALL THE TIME. I have about 3a, long red hair. Any suggestions? Pictures?

I love the indie style love love love love. I'm on a hunt for good indie hairstyles too.
It all just depends on your personal taste, and what you consider "indie"
I think straight across bangs are really cool, whether straightened or not..

If you're not a fan of the bangs then braids are always very cool and different, and not just a side braid. There's actually a TON of ways to do them. If you type in "bohemian braids" "rope braids" "fishtail braids" on youtube there are some really cool tutorials and ideas. just pretend their hair is curly :P

bohemian bun:

rope braids:

bohemian double braid half up half down:

just keep searching around for ideas, tell me if you find any other ideas... c:
that boho braid-bun is tooooo cute i'm definitely going to try some!
Trying looking up bubzbeauty on youtube! She has a lot of adorable, out there braids that you might like! I love them. (:
curly hair and proud (:

Agreed! She has such thin pin straight hair but I still want to try her some of her styles/ideas sometime.
Yeah, they are a bit more difficult with curls, but the imperfections often add to the look that she is going for with some of those braids and things. (:
curly hair and proud (:

I really love the indie style too and I've seen a couple of hair styles. I don't know that braids are really a part of it... umm most indie kids wear their hair down. These are common ones

1. Beach waves: Messy wavy hair parted in the middle, sometimes with the headband that goes across your forehead

2. I don't know: This is my favorite style , its kind of like the beach waves but the hair has more volume and it's in layers. Also the bangs are straight and usual side bangs.

Layers are usually the big thing but it's hard when your hair is curly - and layers are super hard to grow out. Most of the time the hair is worn straight, then sometimes curled

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