Hand Dry Hair Glove??

Ok so the other day I was watching a video & something in it caught my attention. The girl doing her hair dried her hair with a big fuzzy glove. It turned of gorgeous! I looked it up in google and it said it's called the Hand Dry Hair Glove. What I'm asking here is does it work? Cause I was thinking of buying it but I think you guys would know better than anyone if it made nice frizz free curls. Als if It does work where can I buy it? Like I know you can buy it online but is there any store I can get it from cause I would rather do that.
There are some reviews on here: Hand Dry Hair Glove

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Thanks so much, there were some good reviews on there. Though there were a couple bad reviews which makes it hard 2 tell but I think I'm gonna try it & test it out myself. Thanks!

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