Trying new hairstyles?

Do other teen have trouble trying new hairstyles or products at school? Like ill never try a product for the first time on a school day, or I'll have a cute style but I'll take it out before school cause I've never worn it before. Any others that are like this? It's kind of a problem, because I've gotten into the habit of wearing my hair the same way every day. Any way to help solve this? Also if you know of any hairstyles that are quick and easy to fix, please share! Thanks!
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totally!! I usually only wear my hair down or in a messy bun. If I am going to try a new hairstyle I will try it the night before the day I want to wear it, or if I'm bored and have nothing better to do. I like to get on youtube and look for different hairstyles. This is a really cute hairstyle that I like to do --> 24 Season 3, 1:00pm-2:00pm (scroll all the way down and it will be the first picture....sorry, I couldn't find a better one!) All you have to do is twist the sides back and then do a low messy bun and pull some hair out on the side of you face, I think it is really cute, and it is super easy to do!
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I'm like that too but I never leave my hair down when I go to school like every year when I'm about to start school again I always say oh I'm going to start to just leave it down everyday but I never really do. I always wear it in a ponytail everyday and by the end if the day or sometimes just after pe I'll put it up in a bun cause it's just a big frizzy mess. but whenever I try to wear it down I always become self conscience about it and end up putting it in a pony tail after 1st period. it sucks but I'm always trying to find new products and different ways of styling my hair. and I'm fine with new products and trying them it's just I can never find a way to style it different. and it bugs me when I try to look for new styles and the person has like wavy hair or they just have their hair curled. and sometimes I just wish I had straight hair cause it just seems like I wouldn't have to deal with all this stuff, and it would be so much easier to do my hair and I could do more with it like it would be a whole lot easier to cut my hair a way that I really like and not have to worry about it not working with my curly hair. I know it sounds like I hate my curls but I don't i love them and I love that god gas them to me it's just that I wish there was some magic hair product that would make my curls perfect and I would have to care what it looked like because there would be no need to worry about it. hahaha I know I wrote a lot but i just needed to say it sorry ha
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Omg i have the same problem as you! I always do that, i'll have my hair in one style and love it one second & then the next i'm like no it looks stupid people will think it looks bad. Some hair styles i wear that are on the safe side if i take the front of my hair and twist it to the side, ponytails are always cute, side ponytails are cute 2, and so are side brads. those are the styles i wear to school. hope this helped!

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