guess what i diiiiid XD........i took a risk.

yeah, you heard me. i took a risk XP

what kind of risk, you ask? well. I have 4a hair all over my hae with a few 3c curls in random spots (if you want to try and classify it anyway) my hair is fine and i have A LOT of it.

had a lot. you see I cut my hair......all of my hair. XD
I only have about one inch left while it's curled XD

and yes, i did it myself because i don't trust any family members and i don't know of any salons that could do it.

so i have to go back to school (i'm a jr WHOOP WHOOP!!) with realy short hair and i don't know what to do with it......i know i know, headbands and clips, but i don't like headbands and i don't know were i can find cool clips that i would like.

so, even tho i know you probably don't care XD i am spending my summer talking to friends (over the internet because we're cool like that
and writing. I have poems and am working on two yes TWO different books XD

you can find me on or Pulseit- the names figgy. figgyfan to be presise XD

and if you want to read my stories or poems (cause i have bunches)
go here---> figgyfan - Wattpad
and click on the HEARTFELT NONSENCE one (poems)

or the Ravaged Innocence (book)

i only have one book up yet so ENJOY!!!




3C/4A mix
Fineish hair
Super short, needs definition
Also, fuzzy as hell
LOL, hyper??? I never would have known.. haha Too much coffee?? or red bulls???
<3 Our love is like the wind; I can't see it. But I can feel it. <3
I'm about to take a risk too. I'm planning on getting a pixie cut with my 3a-3b hair and a round-ish face. I am quite nervous.

Any tips?
kp- nope XD i'm always this weird XD

bb- i was in a good mood and just....chopped it all off.XD
3C/4A mix
Fineish hair
Super short, needs definition
Also, fuzzy as hell

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