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Default OK junior high time

How do you wear you ur hair??!?
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I tend to wash my hair and apply a gel (joico curl definer or HEBE). Then I add a mousse (HE toule me softly or joico joiwhip). I scrunch in FSG and plop with a t-shirt and difuse. Once dry I leave down or do twisty buns. I also like to add mini-braids to an updo. I also do messy buns with twisted sections. I hope that was helpful. Have a great year.
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I my difuser
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When I was in 6th-7th I would just wear my hair in a ponytail sometimes gelled back then in 8th grade my friend introduced me to the flat iron and id been addicted til 10th grade.Now a Senior in high school I'm not as dependent unless its in school to avoid harassment.

Looking back I wish I was stronger to just let my hair be and then I probably would have had my dream hair length.
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I have athletics in the morning... Fun. So I may come to school with beautiful curls, but a mile or two later my hair is ugly. I usually spray water onto it, put a mixture of wen conditioner, curl gel, and water into it. I use friz-ease mouse, then scrunch with my hands. I typically pull it back with a head band. Hope that helps!

Dramatically Yours,
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Oh man the awkward phase. That was when my straight hair slowly turned curly, but it never really looked curly, just had all these weird bends in it and some random ringlets. Most of the time I just wore it up, with headbands.
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Half up half down
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I always braid the front portion of my hair and pin it back so that it looks like its half up and half down. Sometimes I pull my bangs back and put a bow in it.
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I'm in sixth and I ALWAYS wear my hair in a ponytail. I sometimes think, will I ever reach my dream goal?Anyone know how to grow five inches easy?
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out, buns, ponytails, dutchbraids, side braids if you have the length
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Sided pony tail, buns, french braid, headband,

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