I'm thirteen and I had 2c curls. I uses to straighten my hair with the flat iron a lot because it always had volume. and since i was younger i didnt like my hair like that. Now my curls/waves are not the same. Some parts are just straight. I was wondering is there any thing I can do to fix it? Like homemade DIY?
after the shower simply tilt ur head and just ONLY scrunch ur hair with ur towel until your hair stops dripping water apply a good hair mousse to your damp hair then scrunch again[it'll help to hold your hair] and wait till it AIR-dries. BUT if you are in a hurry and you cant wait till it air-dries, then buy a Diffuser that looks like a Circular Comb. attach it to your Blow Dryer and pretend it is a towel by scrunching ur hair WITH the hair diffuser blow dry. IF YOU DONT know what a hair diffuser is, or what scrunching is. you can youtube them or google them.

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