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Default People messing with your hair?

So do people like messing with/up your hair? At church today my friend's brother rubbed on the back of my hair till it was all poofy and messed up it got insanely tangled and I had to brush it all out, this is my hair now.. has anyone done stuff like that to y'all?People messing with your hair?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1393785468.549270.jpg
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I remember right when I dyed my hair dark caramel brown it was this like deep beautiful color and looked so amazing. Whenever I dye my hair it like re charges my curls and makes them super pretty bouncy and in one of my classes this guy that sits behind me literally ran his fingers through my hair!! Like what do you think your doing?? If I didn't have like the biggest crush on him I would of told him off but instead when I turned around he told me that he loved my new hair so how could you get mad at that? Hah I walked around school for the rest of the day with the back of my hair all frizzy. People need to keep there paws to themselves yah know?
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Yes, people that haven't seen me in a while (at church, it must be a church thing, ha!) tend to touch my hair, because I've straightened it for the majority of my life. It's like it's not real or something, I don't get it. I just inch away, hoping they take a hint. Now if someone was ruffling it like you said, I would turn around and say "Please stop."
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Not often, but sometimes people will be like 'oooh I like your hair' and got to touch it / play with the curls. It kind of makes me want to karate-chop them

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Haha y'all have great stories! Silly people need to not mess up curls :P But at least they are intrigued enough to want to mess with them!
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