Natural ways to straighten hair?

I really hate my hair. I have fine, thin, medium length hair. It's extremely damaged from about midshaft down, from a terrible experience with hair dye and bleach. I know that makes it frizzier than it would be naturally, but I can't take this anymore.
I hate my curl pattern (I think I'm a 2A). My hair is straight from the roots to about eye level, and no amount of curl cream will fix that; while from eye level down my hair does whatever it wants. When I wake up the morning after taking a shower, my hair is big and poofy (more of a 2C), but over the course of the day it falls into just frizzy beachy waves. I can't do anything with either texture.
A side part doesn't even suit my face shape, so I end up walking around with a middle part and curls- the dorkiest thing ever.
The fact is that my hair is so damaged that I'm not willing to use a flat iron more than once a month, if that. I just want straighter/sleeker hair. It doesn't have to be stick straight, I just want some control!

Help? Ideas? And I live in Florida where the humidity is a beast, so please don't just suggest leave-in-conditioner or things like that, because there's no cure for frizz here.
Have you tried banding your hair? it won't be bone straight but it helps. just put all your hair in a low ponytail then put more ponytail holders all the way down the length of your hair. Leave them in until your hair dries then take them out. Hope it helps

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