Do yu attract more boys when yr hair is straight or curly ?

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I don't know if I attract boys more in straight or curls but for sure in curls (specially after starting CG) I feel more self-confident and unique! I guess it helps
when my hair is curly i attract a lot more guys, they like playing with them and telling me how exotic i look

but when my hair is straight, i get a lot more attention from girls, usually accompanied by them giving me the side eye and stank face (which i take as a compliment anyway)

but when my mom had relaxed hair, she never got attention like that. now that she is a natural 3c/4a, it is amazing at at how many guys, young and old, hit on her... makes me a little bit jealous lol
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Hmm... well, I only have one group of boys to work with, so I don't know how the change hit them.

But I started wearing my hair curly this week and a lot of my guy friends approved!

I only had one that didn't say anything until today. He thought I'd been using a curling iron. He said that it "blew him away" that my hair looked like this naturally =].

But they ARE used to seeing my hair straight. I might have to wait until I start college to get some real test results.
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hmm. well ive only straigtened my hair twice this entire school year and i've gotten way more guys trying to talk to me. i also am going to a bigger school, but on the times i straightened my hair i wore it like that for a week at a time and not one guy said anything. i guess because so many girls here have relaxed hair or weaves or braids/twists, so natural is something different. i only know of 1 other confirmed natural girl (another i know might be, but idk)

hope that helps. im 16 btw
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when i leave my hair curly, i get the occasional "wow! ur hair is awesome!" but when i straighten it, i get "wow! ur hair is straight!" so i guess guys like curly hair, but when you change it and straighten it, then they notice the difference and comment on it too.
it really depends on the guy, some guys like curly hair,and some guys like straight hair, everybody's diffrent.
actually whenever i've straightened it in the past i've got loads of comments from guys telling me that i shouldnt and actually they think it looks really nice curly which confused me at first because i hate my hair curly! i don't know if its something to do with looking like you have more confidence because you wear your hair natural? and for me that tends to work better but then it depends what people prefer and what suits you as well i guess
Mostly when it is curly, because curly hair is hard to find around my town. Nearly all of the girls straighten their hair to death, and I leave mine natural. It makes it a little more exotic I guess :3
I attract about the same either way.

I don't think guys really notice hair that much, one time when I straightened my hair a girl complimented it and one of my guy friends was like, "It looks the same as it always does.."
He didn't even notice that it was straight! Haha

But yeah, I think as long as you're hair is healthy and shiny you'll be okay with the guys.
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I think I attract nicer boys when my hair is curly, and sluttier, meaner boys when it is straight. However, my hair looks best when I style it curly, spray a soluble-cone protection spray on it, then run a 360 degree flat iron over it sparingly (then garnier bamboo hairspray, THE BEST). Waves give me the most magnetism by far!!!!
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Definitely curly. Mostly boys that are tired of "cookie cutter high school hair." (Someone said that to me...)
I think it frames my face better, though, and that's why. With straight hair my face looks like REALLY long.
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Curly most definitely. When I do straighten my hair [maybe twice a year], the comments are usually, "Wow, I've never seen your hair straight." I think curly is different and wild, and most guys are attracted to girls who stand out.
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its been nearly a year since my hair was straight so I really cant say for sure.
With curly hair I get noticed much more than I did when I had my relaxer, idk if it was attraction but I get noticed alot more but I think its intimidating
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My curly hair is way more attractive, plus it makes me feel more confident in the first place.
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I would have to say when it was straightened it attracted more but I only ever did it like 3 times (takes too long) ... but I find my curls are an excellent repellent for half interested in my boobs n butt sleazy guys on the dance floor etc, and the nicer guys always seem to comment how they like my curls
... my big usual smile for multicultcurly :P

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I'm really like my curls but rarely wear my hair fully down as it isn't really styled and tends to go bushy

... really seeking an edgy indie style cut that suits my hair type, but wont make the move till I'm sure its right for me as I have been growing my hair to this point for so long
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I'm still not sure. When it was straight no one really said anything. Now that I have gone natural guys are taking notice. I actually thought my boyfriend was going to break up with me for cutting it, but he loves my TWA. This guy asked me to prom after I cut it.... Not going though because I just want to wait my turn.
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I attract more guys with my curly hair, even though its a mess. I've been told that I look prettier with straight hair but for some reason every time I straighten my hair my skin gets blotchy and nasty looking; so its nice hair with nasty skin ( maybe its the heat or the oil from all those products that they put on my hair). On the other hand, my curls arent fabulous but I can always wash my face and keep it nice and clean in my house, without having to worry about wetting my hair ( with straighten hair I have to, all the time) . I do updos which look real nice on me. So a nice, somewhat decent updo and clear skin equals a happy pretty me.

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Sigh. Back in high school, I got negative attention when I wore my hair curly. I was somewhat naive with taking care of my hair back then, so it was frizzy and not very nic elooking, so of course I've had a lot of people yelling at me to pass the flat iron.

Guys always told me I looked good with straight hair. It's sad.
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DEFINITELY when it's curly. I rarely straighten my hair but I do it when I feel like a change... I guess part of it is that I'm more confident when my hair is curly and in its natural state. I feel more like myself... & when you're confident, you're more attractive!

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