When do you buy or borrow books?

My house was becoming overrun with books at one time because I'd buy them every time a new one in a series I liked came out. But, then I forced myself to go the "free way" and start getting them from the library even if I had to wait for them to become available. BUT... now that I have a Kindle, I tend to download them whenever I find one that I would like to read. ...I shudder to think of how much I've spent on books with the Kindle. lol
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It all depends. I am lucky enough to have a REALLY great library system here. My library is small and doesn't have a ton of what I like to read, but they are linked to a bunch of libraries statewide so I can easily browse online and request books through inter-library loan. I usually limit myself to about 3 books at a time, one is usually a slower non-fiction and then others that I like. We have a 3 week checkout time on most books so I rarely go over (unless I forget, but they send me handy reminder emails) and the over due fees are small. Like .20 a day or something.

I love books but buying isn't quite conducive with my grad school/unemployed/substitute teacher lifestyle as of late. Lately I've only bought at library sales (I love getting old books from these!). If there is a book I'm dying to read and can't wait for it or have an excellent coupon I'll go buy it. I use GoodReads to help me keep track of my read books, books I want, and to find new ones. I have a few friends on there so I can see what they are reading as well. I also have the iPod/iPhone app to take with me so I can check wherever I am (as long as there's wifi since mine's just on my iPod).
The only time I really buy books is for my DD through book fairs at her school. We've got a great library here and my entire household visits quite frequently! Also, most of my family and friends are also big readers, so we swap out books a lot.

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