What are you reading now?

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I'm just wondering what's everyone's reading now.

I've just finished Engleby by Sebastian Faulks. And after that intense book, I decided to read something a bit lighter - Moms night out.

Next - Divergent
I just started reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and so far I'm loving it!
Curl Type: in transition so can't be too sure; thinking 3B
Porosity: In transition right now low at root, normal mid shaft, and high on the ends
Texture: Coarse (medium)
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Length: Shoulder Bob with layers

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I'm going to look up Engleby.

About to start Loot, about how treasures from one country wind up in another. It's non-fiction.

I Know why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou.

Great book. Well i just finished today.
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Hair type: 3c/4a, high shrinkage :/, high density,medium porosity. ~1inch to APL stretched. Big Chopped: Oct. 2012
Routine & Products: Sundays- DC on dry hair w/Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream & Olive Oil. Wash w/As I am Coconut Cowash. Condtion&detangle w/any VO5 conditoner. Braid in 5-8 braids w/Shea Moisture Smoothie.
Wear braidout rest of week. Rebraid every night.

MAYcowash w/VO5 conditioner mid-week and rebraid again. I always unbraid w/Coconut oil on hands.
That's a sad one. ^

Fonki, I requested Engleby from the library. And I decided to delay Loot until after I read a mass-market piece of cr@p about a lady werewolf.

Wth? Life is short.

What did u think of Engleby? It was a bit of head wrecker for me. The main character really annoyed me. I won't spoil it though for those yet to read it.

After that book I read Gone girl. I just saw the trailer with Ben Affleck. I can't wait to watch the film.

I've just finished all of John Greens books cept Paper towns. I really enjoyed em - massive teenage years flashback. Lots of laughs.

I also read Hacker - 1st of trilogy which was interesting. I might get the rest of the trilogy. I'm waiting for a kindle sale on those.

I'm now reading Stuck in downward dog which I thought would be really funny - but alas it's more cringe than humour.

I'm listening to audio book Fahrenheit 451 which is amazing considering it was written in the early 1950s.

Not sure what to read next - maybe Paper Towns. Or I might continue with some of those trilogies. Or check what's going on with the book club. Decisions decisions

Happy reading folks!

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I thought Engleby was interesting, but it felt a bit heavy-handed at times. Thanks for the rec.

Currently reading Kate Atkinson. Loved Life after Life and Case Histories, Started Early, Took my Dog a bit less. I'll be following up with her other novels.

Also browsing Jane Austen's England.


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