Name a book you didn't like--

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I didn't like the book thief. Sorry, but I found it boring!
Gone, Girl.

I quit not far into Part II.

Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.
The Old Man and the Sea

No words.
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The Picture of Dorian Grey.

I got so bored with the giant rant in the middle of the book. It had nothing to do with the story. And I lost interest.

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Gone, Girl.

I quit not far into Part II.
Originally Posted by claudine19
I just finished that. It's crazy, and not necessarily in a good way. Part II is better than Part I, though.
Minneapolis, MN
Gone, Girl.

I quit not far into Part II.
Originally Posted by claudine19
Noooo... I just bought that on kindle like 2 hours ago. LOL.
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Ack! I'm about to start reading that for a book club.

To name a few I hated...

Everything is Illuminated
Running With Scissors
Focault's Pendulum
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Their Eyes Were Watching God
White Noise
Love in the Time of Cholera
Cat's Cradle
The Poisonwood Bible


Gone, Girl.

I quit not far into Part II.
Originally Posted by claudine19
Noooo... I just bought that on kindle like 2 hours ago. LOL.
Originally Posted by happyface
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Brave new world
Fahrenheit 451 (love truffaut's film adaptation, though)
The hound of baskerville
The suffering of young werther (i think that's the english title)

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My book club read 50 shades if grey. Horrible beyond words. Actually laughed out loud in some places te writing was so bad.
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I think that I deceive genius.
I'm on the third of The Book of Deacon series by Joseph Lallo. I'm enjoying them for the most part but I have a question. Don't editors or whoever used to correct spelling/grammar exist anymore? It's terrible in all of these books.

My biggest issue is THEY DON'T DESTORY THE DAMN CRYSTALS!!! I keep yelling at them to destroy the damn crystals!! *sigh* Nobody listens to me. They pop up everywhere there are enemies and now there's a horde of undead SO OBVIOUSLY being brought to life via the crystals and they haven't figured this out? Chosen my big-buttocks.
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I read about 200 pages of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and I thought it was boring. I liked the movie better which I never say

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50 shades of grey couldn't read more than a few pages , so poorly written.

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I think I'm giving up on Opium Fiend.

Who writes a book about opium yet fails to describe what he feels like when smoking it?

Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.
The Alchemist and Gullivers Travels
The Picture of Dorian Grey.

I got so bored with the giant rant in the middle of the book. It had nothing to do with the story. And I lost interest.
Originally Posted by kstan

I'm reading this right now! Aside from the philosophical interludes I find the idea quite interesting.
Breaking Dawn from the Twilight series. The other books were okay, but I couldn't even finish Breaking Dawn. Vampires cannot get people pregnant. The end. And Bella's life cannot be perfect all wrapped up in a bow...Jacob and the baby? Imprinting? OKEEEEYYYY...and Reneesme? WTF kind of name is that?


And, I see that Stephenie Meyer has another book out, a Novella about Bree Tanner, one of the random characters in the book?

Another book I didn't like was The Host by the same author. Her first "adult" book? There wasn't much adult stuff in it, IMO, and she had to know that most teens would be reading it. In "adult" books, I picture grown up conversations, and maybe romance or kissing or something. This had....nothing.
Originally Posted by M2LR
LMAO. You know, Breaking Dawn might have been my favorite one in the series because it was SO ridiculous that I was busting out laughing for the entire book. Like...your publisher let you release that??? Uhmp oka-aaaay.
Originally Posted by EllyEllyOxenFree
Well I don’t think the Twilight series was written to be serious. I Liked the Host though.
I didnt like the twilight series only made it through the first book barley starte on the second on and just couldn't take no more of it. Just to much empty space if that makes since. Ironically enuff I love the movies
Wuthering Heights. Dear lord. I hate that book. Why do I reread it? I want to like it, but I just cannot.
Gone Girl was awful. I have NO idea what the hype was all about.
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"The Edge of Nowhere" by Elizabeth George. I love every single one of her Lynley books, but her YA novel was unbearable to me.
Minneapolis, MN

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