Why is the board so slow to load?

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Even the app is being a pain. The app takes forever to load only to tell me that it "cannot connect to forum. This forum is either restricting access from Curltalk or the installed Curltalk plugin is not working. Please contact your forum administrator." The only fix that has worked for me is to delete the app and reinstall it.

The problem is specific to this site. I've tried different browsers, so that's not the issue. Any ideas or suggestions?
I'm having a similar problem too

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Hey y'all --

I couldn't respond before, because...the site is slow or won't load for me either.

It's been happening on and off and we're trying to figure out what's wrong. From feedback people have given during the week via Facebook/Twitter, it looks like it's worst in the morning and afternoon and works fine at night.

Is this the same for y'all? Let me know!
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I couldn't get on at various times yesterday, last night, or this morning. Super slow or not at all.
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No I often have trouble at night (central time) too. Very spotty.
Time of day doesn't seem to matter in my case. Last night I was having problems and this morning I was having issues also--it's what prompted me to start this thread.
I had problems last night and this morning. Couldn't get on or do anything. Took forever to load. It was a little better on my tablet; however, I couldn't "navigate." Wasn't sure if it was the site or my fat fingers.

When I tried to get on at one point, I got a message that the site was down. Seems fine right now.
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I wasn't able to get on most if not all of yesterday.
If you look at the IT thread just below this one, it says they're aware of the problem.
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I had a lot of problems yesterday and the day before around the same time I am posting now (Here it's evening now 8:40 pm but I don't know what time it is there, therefore I say "around the same time I am posting now")
I usually have problems with the site loading more during the morning and afternoon, but it loaded slowly or not at all well into the night last night.
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Double post.

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If you look at the IT thread just below this one, it says they're aware of the problem.
Originally Posted by mrspoppers
I saw the IT thread after my thread was moved to feedback. It seems to me that the app issue is related to site issue, but who knows. I'm having problems with both.

I hope they fix it soon.

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