My Baby Was Banned

I just came on here tonight because my daughter was banned. She told me that she recently made an account on this website (her username was dreamkilla (she frequently has nightmares, she told me)) and was introducing herself in one of the sections that people write in and then she suddenly was banned. It said she was banned for no reason at all. No reason. She's very upset about it, she called me home FROM work crying hysterically. I could barely understand the words that were coming from her mouth. We have plans tonight to see the fireworks and she's threatening to not ever come out of her room. My daughter has a hard time branching out and making friends, first she had those girls in school making fun of her scene hair, now she has some website run by GROWN adult telling her they don't want her to learn about her natural hair. This is completely uncalled for and frankly is unacceptable, how do I speak with the owner of the site? Is there a phone number?

Thank you for your time,
I sent you a private message.
In all honesty, if what I assume was a mistake upset her that much, she may not be mature enough to be unsupervised on the internet.

Seems like a very emotional reaction, to a relatively minor situation.
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