How often do you wash?

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I have 3b hair and have been using the curly girl method for about 2 years now (no shampoo at all.) I have always washed (water and conditioner) my hair everyday. I've always been told this is terrible for my hair, but only recently decided to cut back on my hair washing. My problem is the longer I go without washing, the drier my hair seems to get. After just a day it is a dry, matted mess. If you have 3b hair, how often do you wash? Does it actually make a difference to not wash every day? And what do you do to keep it looking good a few days after a wash?
I no-poo once a week, and the rest of the week I use CJDF as my cleansing conditioner and then AOHR as my rinse-out conditioner. I have fine, wavy hair though, so I never feel over-conditioned and shower every day without any big repercussions...
I cowash daily, do a chelating low-poo once weekly when I'm in a hard water area, and generally do a normal low-poo about once a month, give or take. I don't get overconditioned at all, and my hair is so porous that any moisture it has just leaks out in the first 18 hours after washing anyway. I don't know who it is who says washing everyday is bad for your hair, but for mine it's absolutely necessary.
3b/c. Fine, med-high porosity, normal elasticity. Hair loves oils in summer, protein in winter. Constantly battling the hard water monster.

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I cowash every day, I don't feel clean when I don't wet my hair and just water washing seems to make my hair very dry. The fact that I've never ever gotten second day hair also is a contributing factor to my daily cowashes.
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I'm a firm believer in that you have to do what works best for your hair - don't cut back because of something someone else does! I only co-wash 2x a week - any more, and I get overconditioned. I use a no-poo once a week and the rest of the days I just water wash. It took a lot of trial and error to get to this routine, but it works for me.

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(Sorry, I'm not 3b but wanted to reply.)

I'm a 2b/2c, and I co-wash usually 3x a week. I think you can test out different amounts of time between washings and see what works best with your hair. Just because it works well for someone with your hair type, doesn't mean it'll be good for you. Every head is different!
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2b/2c, pretty porous and slightly elastic.
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I have always washed (water and conditioner) my hair everyday. I've always been told this is terrible for my hair
Washing with harsh shampoos every day isn't advisable for curly hair that craves moisture. Who's telling you it's terrible to give your hair moisture and conditioner every day? Even the CG handbook suggests to do this until your hair is sufficiently hydrated. For some, that could be every day others less. If this works for you, keep doing it! Only you know your hair.
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How often you wash is totally individual. I don't like to go through adding products and styling every day, so if I can get two or three days, I'm a happy camper. I'd shoot myself if I had to wash and style daily. Just don't have the patience.

However, you can MOISTURIZE daily if you have dry hair that leaks moisture (like mine, very porous). I mix conditioner and some small amount of water in my palm and rub together and then smooth/scrunch on my ends and dry bits. I do the same to my pineapple ends at night to keep me from drying out too much while I sleep. But, otherwise, I try to go three days without washing just for convenience's sake. I do get frizzier and "mattier' as the days wear on, so by day three, I finger-comb out the loose hairs and then shoot a refreshing spray on it to get curls back.
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I wash 2 times a week.
I use simple sls shampoo, using conditioner as shampoo don't works for me (make itchy scalp and dandruff).
I'm to lazy to wash more frequently, because it takes me time to use conditioners and detangle it ect.
I wonder how to wash hair once a week. My hair isn't oly and I wear it loose maybe 2 times a week, I wear mostly buns. When I wash my hair I wash only scalp and when I rinse I let hair to get clean.
I think when I would wash my hair once a week hair will be good, but my scalp would be itchy. People with straigth hair maybe not have problem like that, because they use a brush and let oils from scalp go to hair. I don't brush my hair and all.
I wash 2 times a week and (I know it's bad but) I use regular shampoo sorry guys! And it doesn't harm my hair.... I just can't stand product build up and flaky gel in my scalp... My hair type is 3b/3c

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I wash twice a week or less, with a gentle SLS free shampoo. My scalp doesn't really get greasy and I could go longer, but my hair becomes an undefined frizzy mess after a few days, hence needing to wash it!
I wash twice a week or less, with a gentle SLS free shampoo. My scalp doesn't really get greasy and I could go longer, but my hair becomes an undefined frizzy mess after a few days, hence needing to wash it!
Originally Posted by Katek
Oooooo my hair reacts like that but I cowash instead. I wash every 3-4 days 5 if I can stretch it but my length objects.

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I use a sulfate free shampoo about once a week. I have scalp issues and an occasional shampooing seems to help

I do, however, co wash every 2 or 3 days, or whenever I feel like I need to wash my hair.

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I co-wash daily, and no-poo/low-poo once per week.
Fine, med/high porosity, med density, protein craving
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Wow, so many cowash daily!
I agree with MirCurls -Id shoot myself if I had to wash and style daily - Im simply too lazy for that!
Luckily I get good second day hair and acceptable 3rd day hair and after that I can still wear my hair in a high bun.
So I wash my maximum 2times a week - sometimes less.
I have low porosity hair so if I managed to lock in enough moisture my hair does not dry out that much.
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YTC Pampering Conditioner/Loreal Everpure Moisture RO or LI
For styling I use any Eco styler gel (do not like the Argan oil that much)
For DC I mix SM Condi+Honey+Olive Oil
I'm hopeful that once my straightened pieces are chopped (I have a lot of growing to do before then) that I can get 2nd day curls.

I just wash and go, and SOTC at work. I'm considering buying a hooded dryer for winter though, since leaving the house at 6am with dripping hair when it's 2 degrees isn't my idea of fun.
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Fine, med/high porosity, med density, protein craving
Last chemical straightening Nov. 2013
Every other day. I clarify more than most (using borax or something similar) every time. Otherwise things build up on my hair way too much (between the baby fine hair, being a wavy, and the lo po factor).
I wash once a week with a sulfate-free shampoo, and moisturize my hair every night before bed with a spray leave-in.

I miiiight start co-washing a second time during the week to add more moisture since I've noticed this summer heat generating a lot of frizz and dryness in my hair before my usual Sunday-night wash.

I used to wash/wet every day or every other day and I've noticed I just seem to have a lot more hair now that I've stopped wetting it so often, and my curl pattern seems stronger than ever.
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I normally wash my hair once a week. I have semi-thick, fine and medium textured 3b curls that reach my lower bra strap in length. And, i have naturally very dry hair. I also suffer with a dry, itchy scalp as well.

Washing my hair every 7 days is what I have found to work best for me. I do not practice the Curly Girl Method, as I havd tried such many times throughout my curly journey, and my hair just doesn't respond best to it. Now, there are products within my regimen that are CG friendly, while there are others that are not. I simply go whatever my hair thrives best off of.

When i wash my hair, i will use either shampoo (i use shampoos that are sulfate free as well as those that do contain sulfates in them) or a cleansing conditioner/co wash to do so. Sometimes i do use a shampoo bar to cleanse my hair with as well. After cleansing my hair, i apply conditioner and i will usually sit underneath my steamer for either 15 or 30 minutes. I normally apply a deep conditioner to my hair weekly. However, if i am on a tight schedule, i will apply one of my regular rinse out conditioners and leave it in for upwards of 5 minutes, before rinsing it out.

I apply my leave in, detangle, and apply styling product to my hair while it is soaking wet. As, i do not remove any water from my hair after the conditioner has been completely rinsed out my head. I apply leave in in my hair, based upon the styler that i will be using in my hair. Every styling product i use in my hair, i don't always use a leave in with it. And, lastly, i let my hair airdry.

I only wash my hair very early in the morning, as it takes my hair 6-7 hours for it to completely airdry. So, i am normally at home while my hair is airdrying. I only use a blowdryer on my curls if something comes up, and i have to leave the house and my hair may not be completely dry. But,that is something that I have rarely had to do anyways.

This regimen work best for me, so this is what i stick with.
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Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask
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every 6-7 days I shampoo with anti-dandruff shampoo (scalp only and the length of my hair will be covered in conditioner), condition, and do my styling routine. I refresh my hair in the mornings with a mixture of water/conditioner/oil/curl keeper.
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Hair length: Hip length.
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