Chlorine + No shampoo?

I really want to go no-poo and start the cg method, but, I'm a swim instructor and triathlete, which means, lots and lots of time in chlorine. I've always thought that I HAD to wash my hair with shampoo every time I get in the pool, but a friend of mine is telling me this isn't necessarily true. Anyone have any experience with this type of thing??
I swim almost exclusively for my workout in the summer and I prepoo with conditioner under the cap and afterwards cowash and style. There are times that I use sulfate free poo that chelates. Aubrey's Organics makes a sulfate free poo and condish just for swimmers!

I haven't tried it yet, but if you don't want poo period I was thinking CJ DailyFix may do the trick since it a conditioning cleanser that addresses minerals and such. Just an idea I'm playing with...
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Great suggestions!! Thanks so much! I will definitely look into those two products
Actually, I think swimming and CG is easier than pre-CG. I load up my hair with Hairveda Whipped Cream to really coat my hair well. Thinking of using Vatika Frosting or straight coconut next.

After getting out the pool, I rinse really well in a regular shower. When I get home, I just do my regular routine. Also, I've found that TW Bodifier Mist works well to soften my hair afterwards. I use about 20 sprays in BSL hair.

I'm going to experiment with other heavy oils and LIs.
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I too do as Naturlista does.
I wet my hair & put some condish in then cap it.
Once I'm out once a week I use Kevin Murphy's maxi-wash(Low poo) it's expensive so you maybe able to find something cheaper that does the same thing.
Then I condish (right now it's Darcy's Botanicals pumpkin seed condish). Let it sit in my hair while I do everything else in the shower. Then I wash it out & add a small amount of the condish as a leave-in. Then I add whatever stylers & then plop while I get ready for work.
I don't seem to have any damage from the chlorine at all.
Hope that helps!
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Air Dry only!
Want to take my new found knowledge and apply it to make lovely lush locks!
Living life one curl at a time!

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