Any 3a's with hair that gets curlier as it gets shorter?

Just from reading Blood Red's post, and generally from what I've heard people say over the years, would you all say that all 3a's get less curly as their hair gets shorter? The reason I am curious is that I would consider myself to be primarily a 3a, but my hair gets curlier when I cut it shorter than shoulder length. As my hair gets longer, my curls loosen and become smaller, but not as tight...SIGH>.... this confuses me..My hair is supposed to get straighter the shorter it gets.. ANY other ladies have 3a hair like this?
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Maybe because it weights less when its shorter, so it's more curly and bouncy?
I'm a 3a and my hair definitely gets straighter when it's shorter. When it's really short, it's barely wavy.
My hair gets a lot curlier as it gets shorter. I used to have it nearly waist-length and I sometimes got pretty curls, but as often as not I just got waves. Now that it's short, I get some really gorgeous spiral curls, and just more curl all over in general. I think it's partly like Soleluna said, the weight pulls the curl out. My hair is also just a lot healthier shorter, so I think the natural curl can come out more. I uploaded a couple of photos: . My hair is even shorter now than in the first photo and I had layers put back in--I get a head full of big corkscrews .

I get my hair from my dad--his hair is Will Ferrell-curly.
I'm a 3a/3b combo and my curls tend to clump more when they are shorter. Sometimes they curl up tighter than usual, other times no. My bottom layers are longer and they clump thinner but still curl up pretty tight.
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I think the idea is that 3A hair needs more room to make a full loop than tighter curl patterns. When my hair is really short, it doesn't really curl right. If a 3A had a pixie cut, it wouldn't curl much at all because there wouldn't be enough hair to make a full turn. My hair seems to be the curliest around shoulder length or so. When it gets much longer than that, it looses a bit of curl because the weight makes the curl pull itself out. So it gets curlier as it gets longer, but only to a point. Does that make sense?
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What you're saying makes a lot of sense, Bailey--I guess it depends on your definition of short and long. I imagine I would have a big frizzball with hair that was shorter than my chin. I don't think it would ever go straight though--just poofy instead of curly.
Yeah, I completely agree with Bailey. My hair was not as curly when it was shorter than shoulder length. When it's at shoulder length my hair is the curliest and it stays that way to just past shoulder length. At that length I definitely have the most bouncy spirals. Now my hair is a few inches past shoulder length and my curls are definitely getting less tight and more stretched out. I think it depends on whether your hair is easily weighed down. My hair has always gotten weighed down easily from the weight of styling products, etc. so I'm not surprised that the weight of the length is stretching out my curls now. If you have a stronger curl pattern and hair that doesn't get weighed down as easily your curls most likely won't stretch out as much. But it does seem like it's common for 3a's to have curls that eventually get less curly as it gets longer. The length in which that happens on 3a's will probably vary some depending on the individual's hair.
I'm a 3a and my hair definitely gets straighter when it's shorter. When it's really short, it's barely wavy.
Originally Posted by SuZen
Mine is the same way. I love my hair short and I'm dying to chop it off again...but I know I'd miss my curls.
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My hair is really thick and heavy, so it curls more when it's shorter. When it's long I keep it in layers.
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My hair is probably 2c/3a and it's probably curliest at just about my shoulders .... if it's too short it's curly but the curls are kind of big and aren't always long enough to make a complete spiral. If it's longer the weight seems to pull out a lot of the curl. I've noticed that a lot of curlies don't have any curl right at the roots so their hair doesn't even show curls until it grows out quite a bit. Right now my hair is very short (amybe 3 to 4 inches long) and layered and it still appears quite curly but not ringlety.

Thanks hair is a little past shoulder length when straight but between shoulder and chin length when curly. It is NOT the curliest its ever been..I think when I cut my hair a little shorter I had the curliest hair. I guess for maximum curl the best length is chin - shoulder for me (although I've never gone chin length for at least 8 years!)
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I believe I have 3a, and my hair curls most when it's at shoulder length or just a tad longer. Right now (FOTKI pics) it's getting weighed down by the length. I wish mine would curl at this length like it does when it's shorter. I'm debating cutting it to an inch or two below shoulder length again. But last time I cried...LOL. I'm silly, I know. But my hair is my best feature!
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hmmmmmmm mine is V short and V curly.... when it gets longer the weight will probs pull soe of the curl out maybe...... who knows!!!
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Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl
Very cute. those big juicy curls haa... i love em :P
Originally Posted by curls_r_great
I guess I'm a 3A, and my hair gets curlier when its shorter.
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I have some 3a and some 3b, it's always been curlier when shorter though it's been so long since I had it short (and when I did I would always blow dry straight) I really don't know any more!
Mine is mostly 3A with some 3B. With my hair I get better ringlets when its longer (shoulder level and below) but its still curly when I have a pixie cut (like now). My guess with my hair is that because its so thick, when it gets longer some of the curl get squashed out. Whereas, when its shorter there is enough room for it all to curl.
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My hair has definitely gotten curlier as it is growing. I just posted a picture on the Furry Babies thread and realized my hair was shorter and had less curl. Then I realized the picture was taken a year ago.

It must be a mixed curl pattern that makes your hair react differently. True 3A gets curlier as it gets longer, not the other way around. I have mixed curls and whenever I cut it short-medium length, like now, I don't get spirals except in a couple of strands at the front where it's a little "kinkier"; around my nape where it's 2A I really have to encourage it to not just hang limp at all.
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My hair gets bouncier and the curls are bigger loops but as it gets longer it coils more. I have more volume with shorter hair too.
Now if my hair were say umm 3 inches long I don't think I'd have any curl. But I've not done it that short so I'm not sure. I just know it's about an inch before I get loops, I get waves but no loops till then
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